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About IAMGenesis.com

I Am Genesis.com marks A New Beginning for the underground entertainment community. Launching in December 2007, iamgenesis.com will act as a platform for upcoming artists as well as established celebrities to showcase their talents to industry insiders everywhere! This entertainment driven community will give independent artists the tools they need to promote their talents as well as act as a forum for management, labels and industry insiders to scout new and fresh talent.

All genres of artists including singers, songwriters, models, designers, producers, directors, dancers, actors and comedians can join this online community and upload anything from music and videos to portfolios and bios’s as well as connect with experts and veterans of the industry to learn different aspects of the business – I am Genesis – The New Beginning!

Founded by Ras Trinity – Kam - AU, Genesis Entertainment focuses on educating the urban community on their ancestry by coordinating mainstream events like lectures by Ashra Kwesi and Dr. Francis and concerts showcasing Brian McKnight and Freddie Jackson as well as many more. Genesis strives to uplift the community and bless the children of the future with the knowledge they require to remain on the right path.

"We want our youth to be successful at whatever they do, we want to bring them to a level where they can attain their goals instead of playing the roles cast upon them by society." Ras Trinity – Kam - AU, Founder, Genesis Entertainment.


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